Custom Data Acquisition Software

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Data can be described as a measurement, value, fact and information that is able to serve a solution to a problem. At industrial areas datas have a serious importance. With datas gathered from the field, production planning and productivity, cost analysis, stabilization and maintenance actions can be planned.

Every facility has its unique datas. The fields our customers want us to follow are being analysed by our expert staff, the points what kind of data is needed are cought with the latest technology and its searched for how to transfer these datas to office environment.

Our Data Acquisition projects consist of 4 Stages:

1.Data gathered from the machines and equipments.

2.Data given in by the staff, manually or by RF-ID Tags.

3.The integration of the collected data into the database the company uses.

4.The special designed interfaces for analysing the data collected in the database at office environment.


1.Gathering data from machines and equipments;

Collecting data from machines and equipments which the company uses with our special produced or ready-made solutions integrated into the system to automate system failure status, failure time, cycle time, produced product numbers without leaving them to operator initiative.

2.Data given in by the staff, manually or by RF-ID Tags;

At this stage it is planned to measure the control and efficiency of working times of the ID codes given to the operators, to ensure the matching of the datas collected from the machines and the relevant operators.

3.Integration of the collected data to the database of the company;

In companys the database concept is mainly available in software used for accounting and planning purposes. Data, collected on the database that are used are written in new thanks to small integration softwares.

4.Special designed interfaces that are used to analyse collected data in the database to office environment;

At our last phase we serve our customers after determined instant monitory and reporting, convenient PC based custom software by having meetings with the staff that do the analysis.