Manufacture of automation cabinets

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We provide custom 2D and/or 3D panels of IP41 up to IP66 protection class. Our project team prepares EMC and LVD regulations and layouts of symbols and macros of materials to be used in reality. After the prepared layout plans the panel located in our fabric is directed to the production area.

The production process begins with our experienced panel installation team adhering to the 2D and/or 3D layout plans. After the settlement is completed, the wiring process starts according to the prepared electricity project.

At certain points of the manufacturing process, the integrity of the connection robustness and cable numberings are checked by the project and production authorities.

After the production is completed, the produced panel is subjected to tests such as IO, EMC and temperature tests in conjunction with the project manager.

With the results of the tests, the panel is transferred to the shipment unit.